Buddhism for Here and Now  

Dekeling is a meditation community based in Portland, Oregon.

We offer authentic Tibetan Buddhism, made accessible

for today’s world.

Join us for meditation, classes and special events.

We are a relaxed and respectful group, open to honest dialogue and discovery.

Acknowledging the suffering caused by fixed beliefs and divisive views, we aim to be humble, inclusive, and continuously learning.

For your well-being during the pandemic, and for our friends at a distance, we offer Zoom streaming for all of our sessions.

Current Offerings

The Seven Points of Mind Training (also known as ‘lojong’) is one of the great treasures of Buddhist practice. Using a system that interates formal mediation practice with carrying practice in daily life brings strength and joyful consistency to those who live and work in the secular world, but who are committed to a sincere path of awakening.

The key to becoming fully alive and joyful is to develop our natural capacity for attention and to be fully present here and now. In this informative guidebook to practical Buddhism you discover:

  • How to live life with equanimity, loving-kindness, compassion, and joy
  • How to cut through obsessions with the external world, relationships, harmful emotions, pleasure and power, and self
  • Tried-and-true methods for cultivating active attention with your body and mind.

This is a great place to get to know us. On Monday nights we meet at 7 PM PST for an hour of meditation, accompanied by beginners’ instructions. After a short break, we share questions and open dialogue. All are welcome to participate as we hone meditative stability and clarity with traditional methods of calm abiding (shamatha) mediation.

You need this. Yes you do. Everyone says so. Half an hour mid-day of calm abiding meditation. Beginner? No problem. Not Buddhist? No problem. Come and make your contribution to world peace by stepping out of the river of confusion for 30 minutes. Then carry on in a better frame of mind.

Individual instruction for your life, your practice, your style of learning.

To deepen the practice of tonglen takes continuous engagement of both aspiration and action. This half day retreat will be offered over Zoom on a Saturday morning in spring. Join us for a 4 hours of tonglen practice–and still have most of your Saturday to relax. Registration will open May 5th here on the website. You must have had an introduction to tonglen to join. (Art courtesy of Kashi Tamang.)

Long summer days are a perfect time to take a weekend for retreat. Devote three full days to this powerful and essential mediation practice. Beginners welcome. More experienced students will learn new methods and have an opportunity to engage in longer, more continuous sessions. Registration will open May 5th.

Dharma talks to keep you company. Take a walk and have a listen. Send to your family and friends. Connecting the world to wisdom and compassion, 24/7.