Dekeling is a Buddhist meditation community dedicated to the spiritual awakening of lay people in contemporary times.


Our teachings and methods are drawn from the wellspring of Tibetan Buddhism. We value and nurture an on-going connection with the Kagyu lineage and the rich traditions of the Vajrayana. As has been the case in every country where Buddhism has taken root, we too will adapt ancient Buddhist structures and methods of training to be workable for life in this place and this time.

While we encourage study and reflection, we place the greater emphasis on meditation and other practices, along with periods of contemplative retreat. We combine these with “carrying practice,” the continuous integration of what we learn from formal practice, into daily life.

Buddhist practice is especially relevant to ameliorating suffering and its causes. We hold the view that the spiritual well-being of the individual is deeply entwined with the flourishing of all beings. Therefore, as a community, we value transparency and accountability to ourselves and each other. Honest and open dialogue is core to our community’s culture. We hold our teachers and leaders to these same standards.

We acknowledge that awakening is a process of continuous evolution and that making mistakes is inherent in change. Therefore, we aim to support each other with patience and humility as we learn to embody loving-kindness, compassion, joy, and equanimity.

We aspire to this—that every sincere student of the dharma has access to teachings and opportunities to practice, and that an individual’s lack of financial resources is never a barrier. We also understand that though the dharma is freely offered, it is not offered without cost to the community. We encourage everyone who engages with us to support the community in some way—with practice, money, labor, goods, leadership, or knowledge, so that we may continue to offer programs and services for the benefit of all. We pledge to steward the offerings of our benefactors with care and gratitude.