Serving your meditation community is a form of spiritual practice. When we work together, we cultivate generosity and strengthen relationships with others on the path. Inevitably, challenges arise and we have an opportunity to increase patience, kindness, and clarity. Long-term volunteers often develop deep and meaningful friendships.

Dekeling is a small community but it takes plenty of work to sustain us. Part of our volunteering philosophy is to make small, manageable work commitments possible. We also have leadership positions that require professional-level skills and decision-making, and considerably more time.

If you’d like to explore volunteering, please contact Nan at

There are many jobs that can be done at a distance, as well as tasks that are one-time efforts that require a skill such as carpentry or sewing. If you have a skill to offer, by all means contact us. We love to collaborate.

Work is love made visible.

Kahlil Gibran