Supplication to the Great Mother Tara in Times of Fire

Supplication to the Great Mother Tara in Times of Fire
 Billowing, swirling smoke—clouds of misconduct, 
 anger, greed and delusion 
 have the power to burn down forests of goodness. 
 Mother Tara, my own nature, protect me from this destruction. 
 Spark. Singe. Explosions of hatred in angry skies of red
 sprung from seeds sown in times of carelessness.
 Vacuous wind swallows reason.
 Fire sweeps across the four directions
 with a small shift in winds of intention.
 The river of virtue bakes dry what was once lush with simple goodness.
 Many years' sweet labor of love ravaged
 by the hellish winds of self-cherishing;
 Natural fluidity of mind parched by solidity of righteousness.
 I can't breathe. We can't breathe.
 We ruined the fresh air of kindness.
 We ignored interconnectedness.
 The palace of I, Me and Mine
 is not someone else's home,
 ignoring does not restore the mind to balance.
 Ultimate truth is not your path
 when the flames are burning your feet.
 Take off your shoes.
 Walk barefoot.
 Carry someone else to safety. 

Lama Lekshe - 2021


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