The foundation of Buddhist meditation is calm abiding, also known as shamatha. This is Dekeling’s primary public mediation. Through shamatha practice, we develop both stability and clarity in meditation, creating a strong foundation for training in every other meditation method that follows.

In shamatha we observe the mindstream, meeting each experience directly, with fewer and fewer distractions. Gradually, the mind relaxes and we can rest in the natural state.

Dekeling offers four weekly shamatha sessions. Periodically, we offer a three-day shamatha retreat, covering

  • the purpose of shamatha
  • the preliminaries
  • posture
  • shamatha with a support
  • unsupported shamatha with breathing practice and without
  • hindrances, and
  • shamata without attributes
  • dedication of practice and
  • prayers to recite in shamatha sessions.

Thangka on the Nine Stages of Shamatha, with Explanation