Prayer for meeting new people

I wrote this prayer for meeting new patients for a dharma student at their request several years back. Writing prayers is good practice.

Prayer for the Bardo Between Patients
written on 9/25/11, 10:55 PM

Through the kindness of my teachers,
may I recognize the true nature of myself
and everyone who passes through this door.
Like an alchemistic potion turning metal into gold,
in this meeting, delightful or difficult,
may I find bliss without contagion, completely undefiled,
and through the virtue of the dharma
and the truth of interconnection,
may goodness pervade each moment we share.
May I visit every realm, without preference, if it benefits beings.
May I serve them humbly
and receive without hesitation
their perfect gifts, even when disguised as conflict and complaint.
Through the power
of the truth of phenomena
may any ailment of body or mind, any obstacle or veil,
in myself, this person and anyone I meet
be removed completely
if it benefits beings.
May our connection be fruitful
for this and every life, and may we all be free.
Releasing obstacles, attachments, and worry,
I am present now and meet this person–
a beloved companion on the path–
with gratitude, peace and joy.



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