The Challenge

Dekeling is at an inflection point. Up until this year, the work of Dekeling has been largely funded by start-up donors and by the Lama herself. During this transition year, monthly expenses that were not met by tuition or donations have been funded by reserves. These reserves are not limitless, so a shift to a reliable stream of income from monthly donations from our community members is necessary to ensure the health and long-term survival of Dekeling. Our monthly expenses are about $3,550. At present, we are meeting about $1,500 of that. If nothing is done, our reserves will be depleted by the end of the year.

We Set our Intention

We consider Dekeling to be an essential service. We are committed to the spiritual awakening of ordinary people in contemporary times, reducing suffering and its causes, and the flourishing of all beings. We are committed to the healthy continuation of Dekeling.

Action Toward the Solution

We are taking action on this intention in the following ways:

Monthly Dana/Support by the Sangha

We are contacting every member of the community to ask them to consider committing to an automatic, ongoing monthly donation. In this way, together, we can fund our monthly expenditures of $3550. One possible breakdown of gifts could be four gifts monthly of $200; six of $150; ten of $100; six of $50, eight of $25, and five of $10.

Creating tuition income

Lama Lekshe is creating a three-year program of fee-based training and other training opportunities to begin in 2022. The goal is to have tuition provide $500/month for the rest of this year, and up to $1500 per month next year.

Looking at cutting operating expenses in 2022

It may be that Dekeling’s monthly expenses can be cut by an unknown amount, if the meeting center (presently also the Lama’s residence) can be provided for a reduced amount.

Any income that exceeds our monthly expenses will go towards replenishing our reserves.

Our goal is for Dekeling to be fully funded at our budgeted monthly expenditure level of $3550.

There will be a regularly updated report on our progress on the Dekeling website, and updates through the newsletter.