Flip the Script

Let’s flip the script. When you think a negative thought, instead of growing it, or criticizing yourself for thinking it. Just fill your mind with three positive thoughts. For example. If you think, “Oh my neighbor is so noisy, she has no consideration of my space.”

As soon as you’re aware of the negative thought, think, “Oh my neighbor loves her dog so much. “My neighbor keeps her entry way so tidy.” “My neighbor never complains when I leave my garbage cans out an extra day.”

This is simple. And it’s not for your neighbor. We are the first ones we hurt with our negativity–even when it’s true. With body, speech and even mind, we create a negative world.But we can flip the script and create a positive one, starting with our own mind. It’s free. It’s fast. It works.

I’m going to do this each day next week. Let’s see how it goes. You in?


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