When Bad News Is Good News: Nurturing The Heart Of Fearlessness

Great Vow Zen Monastery 79640 Quincy Mayger Road, Clatskanie, OR

The mind states of fear, anger, and negativity are pervasive in difficult times. In this retreat, following the practice-heart of Machig Labdron, the great female yogini of Tibet, we’ll learn a handful of precise and memorable instructions for fearlessness in the worst of times.
This weekend retreat will be held in the delightful natural environment of Great Vow Zen monastery, in Clatskanie, Oregon, or join us by Zoom.

Intro To Tibetan Buddhism

This course continues our look at the development of the Tibetan tradition, examining how Buddhism initially rooted in India eventually migrated to Tibet and elsewhere. We’ll look at the development…


Learning to Give it All – Making the 8 Auspicious Offerings

Learn to make the most basic of altar offerings in a short practice ritual that increases generosity, discipline and good fortune. Anyone can do this beautiful practice. It's especially good for those who can't meditate, and for children. With this knowledge and skill, you can begin to learn to be an altar keeper at Dekeling.


Tonglen 2-hour Practice Retreat

Tonglen is one of the "mind training" or "heart training" techniques from Tibetan Buddhism that reverse your ordinary habit of selectively seeking happiness and pleasure for yourself and those close…

Free – $20.00

The Structure of a Sadhana

A sadhana is a liturgical text that forms the basis of many of the daily practices done in Tibetan Buddhism. The sadhana is a kind of ritualized mediation, practiced in…

Free – $15.00

Preparing to Take the Vow of Refuge

Themselves captives in the prison of samsara, Whom can even the greatest worldly ones protect? Therefore, seek refuge in that which does not deceive—The Three Jewels— This is the practice…


Shamatha Practice: Review of Methods for Daily Practice

All students at Dekeling can take instruction in shamatha (calm abiding) practice. We offer classes, retreats, and study of this important meditation method. This class is for those who have…

Free – $50.00

Refuge Vow Ceremony

REFUGE CEREMONY - Heart of Wisdom Zen Temple and on Zoom 6401 NE 10th Ave, Portland, OR 9721110:00 - 12:30 PM (Pacific Time) start - til done, probably 2 hours…


Tonglen in Tough Times – Zoom

When life is chaotic or scary, disappointing, or unnerving, it’s sometimes hard to muster the will to practice. If your plate is full to overflowing and your emotions are running…

Free – $20.00

Light Offering Ritual Instruction

In many spiritual paths, including Tibetan Buddhism, offerings of light have great significance. In our tradition, we use light offering rituals to dispel the darkness of ignorance and the resultant…

Free – $20.00

Approaching the Vajrayana

(Note:  If you are enrolled in the Green Tara series, this class is free and you are pre-registered!) This course will give you a deeper sense of the practices known…

Medicine Buddha Retreat—FULL—

Medicine Buddha is an excellent practice for those whose heart lies in healing and well-being. This retreat will meet in an intentionally intimate small group group format with no more…


Shamatha Half-day Group Sit

Doing a slightly longer meditation session from time to time will help extend your skill set and is beneficial in many ways. If you have done Buddhist meditation elsewhere, attended…

Learning Green Tara Practice

DATES Saturday November 12th and Sunday November 13th TIMES 10 AM to 2 PM on Zoom (both sessions are required) TUITION $60 (or by offering) REGISTRATION FORM BELOW Green Tara…

Free – $60.00

ONGOING DROP IN – Sitting & Moving in Awareness

Sometimes we need stability. Sometimes we need flexibility. They’re both available, and can be cultivated. This is an ongoing, hands-on meditation and movement class, offered from Seattle, Washington via Zoom,…

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