Learning to Give it All – Making the 8 Auspicious Offerings

Learn to make the most basic of altar offerings in a short practice ritual that increases generosity, discipline and good fortune. Anyone can do this beautiful practice. It's especially good for those who can't meditate, and for children. With this knowledge and skill, you can begin to learn to be an altar keeper at Dekeling.


The Structure of a Sadhana

A sadhana is a liturgical text that forms the basis of many of the daily practices done in Tibetan Buddhism. The sadhana is a kind of ritualized mediation, practiced in…

Free – $15.00

Shamatha Practice: Review of Methods for Daily Practice

All students at Dekeling can take instruction in shamatha (calm abiding) practice. We offer classes, retreats, and study of this important meditation method. This class is for those who have…

Free – $50.00
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