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SHAMATHA – VIPASSANA PRACTICE: 14 days of online guided practice

February 7 @ 8:00 am - February 27 @ 9:00 am PST

14 Days of Love is a three week guided meditation journey, (I put a week extra in to give you time to listen to the 3 introductory audio files.) using the guided audio meditations of Lamas Yeshe and Chris of Prajna Fire. Here’s how it works this year at Dekeling:

  • Early in February, find a buddy or two to take this journey with you. In the first week, go to Prajna Fire at this link. Here you will find three recordings:
    • Introduction to 14 days of Love (6 minutes)
    • A teaching on Tranquility Mediation (We call this Shamatha at Dekeling) (16 minutes)
    • A teaching on Insight Meditation (Vipashyana) (8 minutes)
  • Take the week to listen to these recordings. It’s fine to listen on a morning walk. It’s fine to take notes—or not. These guided meditations are meant to be your daily practice.
  • Then, on Valentine’s Day, begin with the first guided meditation in the series – Radiating Out:  Body (40 minutes). Just sit on your cushion and listen and follow the meditation instructions.
  • February 15th, engage in meditation 2:  Radiating Out: Speech (45 minutes)
  • February 16th, engage in meditation 3: Radiating Out: Mind (45 minutes)
  • February 17th, engage in meditation 4:  Radiating Love In: Earth (46 minutes)
  • February 18th, engage in meditation 5: Radiating Love In: Water (46 minutes)
  • February 19th, engage in mediation 6: Fire (45 Minutes)
  • February 20th, engage in meditation 7: Wind (47 minutes)
  • February 21st, engage in meditation 8: Radiating Love Broadly: Equanimity (47 minutes)
  • February 22, engage in meditation 9: Radiating Love Broadly: Benevolence (46 minutes)
  • February 23, engage in meditation 10: Radiating Love Broadly: Caring (48 minutes)
  • February 24th, engage in meditation 11: Radiating Love Broadly: Delight (45 minutes)
  • February 25th, engage in meditation 12: Radiating Love Deep:  Resolve (48 minutes)
  • February 26th, engage in meditation 13: Radiating Love Deep: Heroic Heart (45 minutes)
  • February 27th, engage in meditation 14: Radiating Love Deep: Openness (49 minutes)
  • Celebrate!

There’s no tuition for this practice series. You can stream the guided meditations for free! But do remember that many Lamas rely on dana (offerings) to pay their bills, so if you are able, make a donation at the links on the bottom of the page where it says, SUPPORT PRAJNA FIRE, where you can donate by check, Square, PayPal and so forth. You can download ALL the audio files for $21.00 and play them as often as you like, forever! 

If you can’t make an offering, please join in the practice anyway! 

Maybe you’ll create a small way to check in with your meditation buddy each day. You could log into the Prajna Fire Webpage and call or Zoom with your buddy while you do the slightly-less-than-one-hour session. You don’t need to study anything or remember anything… this is 100% practice. Just listen and follow the guidance instructions. You can do this alone, as well. And a whole group of you who meet to mediation could decide to do this together.

Why would you do this? Sometimes it’s nice to spice things up a bit with a temporary change of routine and 2023 Valentines’ Day is a good starting place to start or invigorate your daily practice of loving all beings.



February 7 @ 8:00 am PST
February 27 @ 9:00 am PST
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