3-Day Shamatha Retreat

aybe you’ve been doing shamatha (calm abiding) meditation on Monday nights and in the Sanity Sits. Or maybe you learned it elsewhere or have watched some You Tube videos or read a book. Maybe you’ve been doing it for years. Now, fill in the gaps in both your experience and knowledge of this most fundamental of all Buddhist meditations. Shamatha is a lifetime practice for sincere students of Buddhism. It is the foundational skill of every other Buddhist practice. Regular shamatha practice yields increasing clarity and stability in meditation. Clearing away mental and emotional obscurations, one can rest in the natural state of ease and joy.

In this retreat, you’ll learn

  • The purpose and function of shamatha in a mediation practice, and why it’s an essential foundation for every Buddhist practice
  • The preliminaries to the practice
  • Several methods of  ‘supported’ and ‘unsupported’ practice
  • Resources for reading more about shamatha
  • How to set a daily home practice schedule
  • Posture for meditation
  • Common hindrances and how to overcome them

This retreat is offered on Zoom. The link, as well as details about the retreat and how to prepare for the retreat will be sent to participants after registration. There will be ample time for question and answers each day. Led by Lama Lekshe, this retreat is appropriate for students at every level—from absolute beginner to advanced. There will breaks for tea, lunch and dinner.

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